IRISTEXT Mark - BN (discontinued)


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IRISTEXT is a reliable technology from TELEDAC using a proprietary high speed video processor. The I-Mark-BN or I-Mark-BNT models are designed specifically for around the clock, 365 days a year display of BN Cable real time News service or B/N Stock exchange service.

The I-Mark-BNT includes local temperature display. Both models are featuring a special text font optimized for readability given the paragraph format of BN Cable and available screen space.

IRISTEXT displays news from non-volatile memory buffers where up to (2) news cycles can be stored. The gains are protection against lost of the transmission link and local display speed adjustment to suit a specific population needs.

This model has been discontinued, as the service provider no longer offers Broadcast News Cable information. If you own an Iristext-4000-BN or Iristext-Mk-BN, please note that they can be advantageously converted to another Iristext model in order to broadcast maintenance messages on your Cable TV System.

For information about available conversion please click here or call toll free at

Optional custom logo News Display Screen - Hospital officials
News display time proportional
    to content and adjustable speed

Optional local temp.display, °C or F Screen showing: News roll-up up
4 selectable roll up modes for smooth
   transition between paragraphs
many formats for clock and calendar
   with auto. daylight saving time or not

Typical News display Screen -  I-Mark-BNT with I-PROMOC or  I-STOCKC  Crawl options
Crawl options available for local
    messages or B/N Stock service
Made in Canada, and complying with IC/FCC class A rules.


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