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1. Immediate advisories: company performance, product info, service.
The benefit of controlled communication: scheduled release of what you want, when you need to deliver it. By the minute, day, week, month even year. Year after year, continuous operation.

2. Stand alone benefits:
Complementary messaging to information systems, handle messages even if you have system crashes, computer failures & emergencies.

3. Instant information management.
Correct rumours, misleading reports, & manage information so employees get accurate & timely news.

4. Educational asset:
Quickly relay industry progress, product developments, & service improvements.
Call Centers i. banks have found their call centers need to immediately notify operators of lost or stolen cards, system conditions and crisis response.

Corporations i. operations status broadcast to diverse plants
ii. emergency procedures
iii. motivation messages, reward & recognition
iv. event scheduling & planning
v. change implementation monitoring, update, feedback, reinforcement

Hospitals i. medical advances: send instant updates on drug research, treatment & surgical procedures
ii. preventive health care: classes, nutrition, lifestyle improvements.
iii. staff training: coordinate courses, classes, field trips with up to the minute details and sudden changes
Schools i. campus network: inform all users of news and events at diverse campuses; publicize speakers; announce schedule changes, building closures, maintenance, any interruption to the routine.
ii. communication tool: minimize distortion and maximize impact.
Government i. paperless outreach: undelayed messages, at less delivery cost.
The power of visual messages is still unsurpassed.


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