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    Studio Video Equipment (secondhand)      
Panasonic CT-1030MC Color Video Monitor 10 inches, NTSC with A/B switch and 2 comp. inputs, 300 lines horizontal resolution, Comb filter, a BNC connector has been added to VTR input. (only a few minor scratches), in working condition. All photos were taken during last test on june 12, 2018 3, 6 40 $  on hold please contact if needed
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    Test Equipment (secondhand)        

at only 1,5 Kg/3.2 Lbs,
this scope is a versatile unit
to carry in the field
TDS 210 Two channel Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope, 60 Mhz, 1GS/s, c/w 2 probes and Softcase option #AC220
Nearly as New condition (on/off cycle meter: 152)

This Digital Storage Scope can replace many instruments: automatic measurements of: period, frequency, average, RMS cycle and peak-to-peak voltages. (it also measures delta T and delta V between 2 points setable by cursors. The second delayed time-base provides a zoom to view details of the Main time-base. (Both channel can be seen on only one time-base at the time, by alternating, but not simultaneously as on the Tek 2232 or PM 3218)
2, 6 Sold on eBay.com  
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Ideal for an innovating student,
Technician or Engineer and to
experiment with
PM 3218 35 Mhz Dual Channel, delayed time base Oscilloscope, X-Y Mode, Z modulation input (TTL Blanking), c/w: 2 10:1 PM-8926/09 probes, front cover, 2 viewing hoods: long(Opt.PM 8980) + collapsible (Opt.PM 8966), Anti-glare Polaroid filter (Opt.PM 8910), Operating manual (en/fr/nl)+ Service (en) in PDF. Printed version including 6 detailed schematics 11" x 23" optional at 25 $ all detailed schematics.

Well maintained, clean, in good working condition (bezel lower corners repaired see photo, contact cleaning of AMP/DIV rotary switch recommended)
-All photos were taken on june 23, 2018 while testing-
3 Sold on eBay.com  
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Leader LFG-1310 FUNCTION GENERATOR, 0.01Hz to 10 MHz, Linear/Log sweep, sine, triangle, square, ramp and pulse, burst mode, AM and DSB functions 2, 6 Sold on eBay.com   lfg-1310.pdf
To order: All items are guaranteed to be functional and in specified conditions as per notes shown here:

5-10-15 Clearance Rebates: Buy 2 or 3 items to get 5% rebate on highest cost, 10% on the second and 15% on the third.
1- Demo unit, in like new condition      
2- Little used, very clean and in good working condition          
  3- Used, well maintained and clean, in working condition
e-mail at: 4- Very used, clean, in working condition
general@teledac.com 5- Complete with original box and manuals
  6- Complete with manuals  

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