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Iristext-Mark+ Series Advantages

The I-MK series evolves to I-Mk+. It costs a little less while adding 3 advantages:

   - 7 Fonts and one character style added,

   - 2 New display modes (effect from one page to the next),

   - I-MX4 Option is now offered for I-Mk +: memory for pages can be quadrupled.

View also most other features of the former Mk and new Mk+ models.


Important Notice:

Demonstrating continuous text crawl on the WEB (video streaming) is complex because unpredictable allocated bandwidth and related drop frames. This video will produces movement artefacts on YouTube playback.

Much better quality can be optained by downloading the MP4 video file on your computer before local Playback. download the demo on your computer before Playback

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