Spare Parts for Teledac Video Billboards

2020-09-14 Spare or replacement parts models T, R and Iristext from Teledac
Parts used by  following models: T= T-1122, 1144, 1016, 1300, R-1300   I= Iristext
Part Number Manu. Description Can+US $ T   I
A2-CL-4000 Black I-4000 keyboard, new 95.00 $     x
A2-CL-Mark Black I-Mark keyboard, new 80.00 $     x
A2-CL-4000-Bi-EN-Rfd Black I-4000 keyboard, refurbished 65.00 $     x
A2-CL-Mk-Bi-EN-Rfd I-Mark (PC) Keyboard, refurbished 50.00 $     x
A3-VID8035A-reb video card for T serie, Rebuilt (175.00 $) x    
A3-TEM-2-reb Rebuilt local temp.board calibrated c/w new probe (115.00 $) x    
    POWER SUPPLY        
A1-ALI8022AR   power supply for R-1300 rebuilt (75.00 $) x    
A1-ALI8022A   power supply for T-1300/1016 rebuilt (75.00 $) x    
62-ALI-TO39-Reb power supply for I-4000 Series (Rebuilt) (145.00 $)     x
62-ALI-TO39-P1 power supply for I-4000 Series (new) Call     x
55-3262ADC Fairchild TV SYNC. Generator NTSC note 2 x    
55-3262BDC-1 Fairchild TV SYNC. Generator NTSC note 2 x    
55-AY-5-1013A GI PM UAR/T dip 40 pin note 2 x    
51-MC1377P Motorola Encoder RGB to NTSC/PAL 20pdip note 1     x
55-TMS34010 TI Graphic Processor, 68 pin PLCC note 1     x
55-TMS34070 TI Color Palette, 22 pin dip note 1     x
520TMS44C251 TI video ram 262144x4 zip 28 pin note 1     x
520-TC528257 NEC Video Ram 256Kx8, 70 ns, SOJ note 1     x
520-TMS45160 TI Dynamic Ram, 256Kx16, SOJ note 1     x
520-HM6116P4   Memory Chip  for T serie note 2 x    
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Note 2: This component is available on this list: legacy.htm
Minimum order $50.00
Sold by: M. CHOU I NARD
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