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Iristext-MK-V: Crawl Message Inserter

The I-Mk-V+ can overlay messages on "live" TV programs.This model includes an overlay feature to insert text messages, graphic elements or a crawl banner over an incoming video (Composite or S-video).

The crawl banner can be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque.

The crawl message can include up to 5000 characters. The user can define all banner attributes such as on screen position, crawl speed, colour and width of background, font size and colour etc...

The crawl message can be activated to appear at once or to repeat continuously. Furthermore, by using the display scheduling feature, it can be planned for insertion at very specific time of your monthly, weekly or daily schedule.

This overlay feature is included with Tellimage-MP or I-Mk-V+.
It is also available as an option for the following models: I-Mk+/IMk-II, III, IV.

The I-Mk-V+ also includes all other message display features included in
the I-Mk-IV.


Important Notice:

Demonstrating continuous text crawl on the WEB (video streaming) is complex because unpredictable allocated bandwidth and related drop frames. This video will produces movement artefacts on YouTube playback.

Much better quality can be optained by downloading the MP4 video file on your computer before local Playback. download the demo on your computer before Playback

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