CATV Video Billboards & Message Generators

Those who communicate messages are always in search of attractive ways to carry their information more effectively. IRISTEXT answers that need for CATV community channel announcements, classified advertising or other information channels.

IRISTEXT's integrated design allows non-technical personnel to quickly create and update attractive messages combining text on pre-composed resident backgrounds and graphic illustrations.

All composition happens in real time with easy-to-use editing features. Data is stored in nonvolatile memory for unequaled reliability and fast retrieval.
  IRISTEXT Mark II with a keyboard. Click for detailled photos

With the broadcast-scheduling feature, information can be programmed to appear just at the right time. Events can be scheduled by date, hour, minute and second to control a message presentation. IRISTEXT can control an unlimited number of other IRISTEXT Video Billboards via Internet or by local network. Many CATV head-ends can be linked this way to receive and display information.

IRISTEXT Video Billboards are dedicated reliable 24x7 equipment designed specially to accomplish a very specific task: the editing and broadcasting of information.


IRISTEXT's Mark+ line includes 4 models designed with 24x7 technology. The Mark IV+ and Mark V+ require a Personal Computer for editing while the Mark II+ is completely stand-alone. The Mark III+ is a broadcast only unit. It can display messages created on another Iristext unit or a PC using I-Reach software. All models also include a clock/calendar, an express message crawl and unlimited telephone support for 60 days.

Cable TV applications
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Click to enlarge - Community announcement - Screen
         Attractive messages are quickly
              prepared using resident
            backgrounds and graphics      
Click to enlarge - Ch.9 Tonight - Screen
Time and calendar included
Local temperature optional
Click to enlarge - REGIONAL SPORTS - Screen
An express message can be           
given top priority by circulating         
continuously on 1 line of the screen.     

Built-in every Mk models, a crawl banner can include up to 5000 characters of text message (See <<< Express Message Line>>> on above screen). All attributes such as on screen position, crawl speed, background colour and width, font size, or text colour can be defined.

When needed, the crawl can be activated to display continuously, or under display scheduling: at once during only one page or for the duration of many pages.

IRISTEXT Mark IV+ and Mark V+

Both models are used for broadcasting messages created on PC using I-Reach software running under Windows. The user can prepare, in advance, all his messages and schedule in a PC file.

Everything is then transferred in the Mark unit through the PC serial or USB port**. Once the transfer is completed, the PC can be turned off, and the Mark unit will broadcast and update contents according to schedule. The unit can be sited locally or remotely.

• I-Reach message editing software included
• Broadcast scheduling
• Express Message: 2 modes
• Remote communications
• 60 resident graphic backgrounds
• Non-volatile memory capacity: 250-1200 pages
• 18 typeface styles
• 55 fonts with fully adjustable proportional spacing,
   border, shadow, italic and bold.


The I-Mk-V+ model includes all above I-MkIV+ features plus an overlay card to insert text messages, graphic elements or a crawl banner (Express Message) over an incoming video (Composite or S-video). The crawl banner can be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque.

Models: I-MkIV+ (witout overlay), I-MkV+ (with overlay)

• Options:
   local temperature display, memory expansion to 1200-5000 pages
   S-Video output or Video Overlay card (included with I-MkV+)

• Software option: I-G9980

          IRISTEXT Mark IV+ or Mark V+

  I-Reach under Windows on your PC
          Messages are created on your PC
        by using I-Reach software


The I-MkV+ can overlay messages              
on a "live" video program                   
Click for demo via YouTube         


One channel video billboard for edit or display, locally or remotely. This stand-alone unit, with a keyboard, can edit or broadcast messages without a personal computer. (Note: Starting 2010-06, Keyboard is black)

• Broadcast scheduling
• Remote communications
• Express Message: 2 modes
• Vectorial graphic creation
• Automatic color gradation in single scanlines
• 60 resident graphic backgrounds
• Non-volatile memory capacity: 250-1200 pages
• 18 typeface styles
• 55 fonts with fully adjustable proportional spacing,
  border, shadow, italic and bold.

Model: I-MkII+

  IRISTEXT Mark II with a keyboard. Click for detailled photos
IRISTEXT Mark II+     

• Options:
   local temperature display, memory expansion to
   1200-5000 pages
   S-Video output or Video Overlay card

• Software options: I-Reach and I-G9980


One channel remote broadcast video billboard, same as IRISTEXT MkII+ but without editing functions and without keyboard. Broadcasted information has to come from an I-MkII+, I-4000-Se, We, S2, or a personal computer using I-Reach software.

Model: I-MkIII+

  (See first page for IRISTEXT Mark III+ picture)

• Options:
   same choice as Mark II+ above

Multiple Remote Access

With I-Reach and Remote Desktop (RDT), one or more persons can easily be appointed for entering and updating each type of information to be broadcasted.

Remote Desktop (RDT) is a Windows application program. Using RDT, each information provider can control the I-Reach computer remotely via the internet (or local network), as if he was sitting right in front of it.

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Required video monitor not included.
** Personal Computer (PC) required, not included

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