Tellimage-MP Specifications Tellimage-MP System with Image+ PC on the left and the I-4000 Message controller. New Platform image.
This information is subject to change.
Please contact TELEDAC INC. for specifications on the new Tellimage-MP platform.

The new platform for Tellimage-MP System contains 2 modules: Image+ PC and the I-4000 Message display scheduling controller.

I-Reach+ software is built-in Tellimage-MP. It is used to create and schedule messages on IRISTEXT alpha graphic pages. These messages may include digital photos, JPEG, Bitmap (BMP) images or even more: a motion picture broadcast window.

Windows 7 Pro plus an Ethernet LAN interface are included in Image+ PC to ease image and video file transfers from many sources on the network. The new PC used in this platform....expansion.

The PinP+DVE process is adding Digital Video Effects capabilities to display in real time, a video channel into a variable size window (Picture in picture). The DVE input can switch between 2 video sources on a page per page basis.

The MP feature is used to broadcast video documents from files. This option is compatible with PinP+DVE if it is necessary to scale down the motion picture display zone or to add transition effects.

Tellimage-MP includes MP, PinP+DVE and I-AUDIO features. These features were not included in previous generation Tellimage units but are still available for them as options.


- Basic 930 Gb hard-disk capacity
  Initial capacity increasing regularly
  Enlargeable initially at small extra cost

- Contact Teledac for details

Digital Fade Effects/Still Pictures:
- Cross fade
- Fade to black
- Fade from black
- Immediate

- Less than 0.5 Sec (BMP)

5.  BROADCAST QUALITY OUTPUT Image+ A/V connectors on Back Panel
(measurement report available)

- NTSC RS-170A
- Aspect Ratio: 4:3
- 2 simultaneous outputs:
   1 composite (BNC connector) and
   1 Y/C (4 pins mini-din connector)
- Can "Genlock" on selected input

- Horizontal: 540 lines
- 720 X 486 (ITU-R 601 STD)
- YUV 4:2:2
- Quantization: 8+8 bits lum.+chroma

- BMP 24 bits (Win+OS/2 Bitmap)
- YUV (4:2:2, Teledac Photo+)

8.  PinP+DVE FEATURE          Options info

Live Input Channel

- "Picture in Picture" Broadcast with Digital Zoom Effects during transitions
- Adjustable window size from 0% to 100% (x, y separately or not)
- Adjustable Effect duration: 0.1 to 5.0 seconds
- The live input can switch between 2 video sources on a page per page basis
- Auto skip live broadcast upon lost of signal, selectable function
- Video input format: 2 NTSC video sources,
   1 composite (BNC connector ) with switch-able 75 Ohms termination and
   1 Y/C (4 pins mini-din connector)
- Integrated time base corrector (frame base)

Video File Playback

- "Picture in Picture" broadcast with Digital Zoom Effects during transitions
- Video files can play in native format or ajusted aspect ratio
- Adjustable Effect duration: 0.1 to 5.0 seconds

9.  LOCAL AREA NETWORK INTERFACE Ethernet and Serial interface on Back Panel
- Allows other computers on the network to exchange or update still picture, video and audio files with Image+
- Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10/100 base T
- TCP/IP, NetBEUI and IPX/SPX protocol support

10.   Professional PC Server Case with Expansion Space
A sturdy metal case server with front accessible HDD installation, a 120mm TriCoolTM exhaust fan & two front 92mm fan mounts and a 550W power supply make expansion, upgrading and accessing a breeze.
Power Supply:
(Tellimage uses less than 10% of this capacity)

TruePower 2.0 550W
ATX12V v2.01 and EPS12V compatible

- Precise ±3% power regulation
- Dedicated power circuitry delivers more reliable output

Advanced cooling and quiet system:

- 1 rear 120mm TriCoolTM 3-speed fan
- 2 front mounts for optional 92mm fans for future expansion
- Side Panel vent

  8 Drive Bays(2 used)

- Front Accessible: 4 x 5.25"
- Internal: 4 x 3.5" removable HDD trays with
rubber grommets to isolate drive vibrations

11.  AUDIO (I-AUDIO)          Options info
- Auxiliary stereo input (3.5 mm connector)
- Stereo output driving high impedance load (>5Kohms), (3.5 mm connector)
- Fade between auxiliary input and audio file for soft voice-over commentary insertions
- PCM format ("wave" file with sampling rate of 11025, 22050, or 44100 samples/sec., mono or stereo, 8 or 16 bits/sample)

Image+ Front Panel Indicators Indicator Lights

- Power supply (blue)
- Hard disk access (blue)
- Video processor activity (red)

Front Connectors

These ports (unused/Tellimage-MP)
are provided to make access to
your future expansion easier:

- 2 x USB 2.0
- 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire®, i.Link®)
- Audio In and Out

Control Buttons

- AC power
- Reset
Floppy Disk Access
- 3.5"

height with rubber legs
net weight
shipping weight
Shipping size


17"  (43.2cm)
17.5"  (44.5cm)
8.1"  (20.5cm)
18.5"  (46.8cm)
27.5 lbs.  (12.5 kg)
32.5 lbs.  (14.8 kg)
21.6" x 20" x 10.6"
(55 x 50 x 27 cm)


3.5"  (8.9 cm)
3.8"  (9.7 cm)
16.7"  (42.5 cm)
16.0"  (40.6 cm)
8.0 lb  (3.6 kg)
16 lb  (7 kg)
23.25" x 20.5" x 9.5"
(59 x 52 x 24 cm)

14.   POWER

Input voltage range

Input Frequency Range

Input Current

Maximum Power

Power cord


115 VAC / 230VAC

47Hz to 63Hz

.8 A nominal 12.0A max. for 115VAC,
.4 A nominal 6 .0A max. for 230VAC

550 W

Detachable IEC 320 cord


90 - 265 VAC

60 Hz

.3 A nominal .9 A Max for 115VAC
.17 A nominal .5 A Max for 230VAC

40 W

Detachable IEC 320 cord

All specifications subject to change without prior notification.

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