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Multimedia Broadcast System

Target Applications:

   Employee Communication
   Call Centers
   Colleges & Universities
   Public Areas, Museum
   Hospitality Channels
   Cable Television Channels

    Technical Details (link)
   Tellimage-MP system, click here for more information on the new 2009 platform
Basic Features:

   Video files Playback
   BMP and JPEG Still images
     with digital fade effects
   Picture-in-Picture + DVE
   Digital sound or voice-over insertions
   Flexible event broadcast scheduler
   Output for TV or Plasma Screens

Content and scheduling management:

   Authoring and scheduling is simplified by
   included I-Reach+ software.   Learn More

   Tellimage-MP also includes all other
    Iristext-Mk-IV features.

  Other Applications

Tellimage-MP is a Multimedia Broadcast Solution capable of scheduling and broadcasting videos files along with digital photos or PC created images on a local TV Channel.

The MP feature provides digital video playback from files. When needed, the display window size can be changed while broadcasting. This feature also includes zoom transition effects.

The PinP+DVE process adds "Picture in Picture" broadcasting of a live channel into a variable size window with Digital Video Effects during transitions. A live broadcast can be skipped automatically upon lost of signal. The display window size may vary (0 to 100%) and the live input can switch between 2 video sources on a page / page basis.

Windows 7 Pro plus an Ethernet LAN interface are included to ease images and video files transfer from many sources on the network.

Baseball Video-Picture
Broadcast TV Quality
from Videos files
Country House Picture
"Use your favorite softwares"
Tellimage-MP will show any file created
in .bmp or .jpg format
New Employee Picture
"A picture is worth a thousand words" Make use of your digital Photos

Tellimage-MP and Iristext-Mk models

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