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Corporate and Product News 2000-2005:
December 5, 2005

  WyoTech adds the MPEG-II+ option to their TELLIMAGE system. This function provides digital video playback from MPEG-2 files.

This campus of the Wyoming Technical Institute is located in Blairsville Pennsylvania. They acquired their TELLIMAGE system a year earlier. It is used to inform students and to post job opportunities.

August 25, 2005

  We are moving on monday August 29. The new location we be closer to Montreal downtown.

You will be able to reach us with the same 888 toll free number.
We may be difficult to reach from friday until the end of the day on monday 29.
All new address details are posted at : how to reach us.

July 11, 2005

 A Saving Corner has been added to our site. The section includes demo and second-hand Teledac units presently available. And, if your technical department has a thigh budget but needs first-class equipment, we may have what they need in our excess equipment list.

May 15, 2005

  Spring Sale on CATV Groups

November 15, 2004

  Introducing "Tellimage-DuoMP". This new model is a cost effective solution to broadcast two independent information channels.

October 29, 2004

  Hydro-Québec acquires a Tellimage-MP system for the base camp of the Peribonka hydroelectric project.

(Picture Source: Hydro-Québec) Click to access Hydro-Québec Web site   (Picture Source: Hydro-Québec) Click to access Hydro-Québec Web site
2004-07-30                                                    2004-10-28
Site overview of the future dam.                    More than 550 beds are now available.
(Picture Source: Hydro-Québec)

This camp will provide lodgings for more than 1,300 workers at the height of the works. Tellimage-MP will continuously broadcast information on the camp Community channel. You can find more information on Hydro-Québec Web site.

September 30, 2004

 All Tellimage and Image+ products are now supplied with a Windows XP Pro licence.

July 20, 2004

  The I-Mark-BN is now available for around the clock, 365 days a year display of BN Cable real time News service or B/N Stock exchange service. This new desktop unit is a cost effective replacement for the previous I-4000-BN rack mountable model. All other features are the same.

June 15, 2004

  I-Reach Rev. 1.6 software is now available. A free update can be obtained by owners of previous revision licence(s). Please contact us at 1 .

New features:

 Page creation is simplified by two new icons allowing to keep or not the actual page attributes.

  The cut and paste functions, allowing to import text either from another IRISTEXT page or another document under Windows have been improved.

May 12, 2004

 The new "Tellimage MP" revision announced on March 30, has been released.

 New features:

 The I-AUDIO option has a Selectable Auxiliary Audio Input Configuration: 1 channel stereo or 2 switchable mono channels.

 The PinP+DVE option includes: Auto advance upon lost of live broadcast signal. This feature allows the Tellimage system to bypass automatically a live insertion when the signal is lost or when a remote camera is turned off at the end of an event. Two custom "Waiting for feed" and "Signal lost" title pictures can be shown before and after the video source presence.

February 25, 2004
 Another TELLIMAGE-MP revision has been released. MPEG programming can be fully controlled by the Weekly Broadcast Scheduler.

January 26, 2004
   A new TELLIMAGE-MP revision has been released. It supports MPEG playback of video clips without limitation on their time duration. The event duration can adjust automatically to the clip length.

October 14, 2003

 GPI (General Purpose Input) and GPO (G.P.Output) control is now available for the new Iristext-4000 models and all Tellimage systems. These signals are useful to synchronize scheduled messages broadcasting with external equipment such as VCR controllers, external A/V Switchers and other ads insertion systems.

 Typical GPI/GPO Application: Live Insertion of City Hall Meetings. (By detecting carrier presence on demodulator)

September 5, 2003
 IMPORTANT NOTICE: On October 2003, our previous WEB site address www.teledacinc.com will be inactivated. It has been already replaced by www.teledac.com . Please modify your favorite links list accordingly. To reach us by e-mail, please use teledac.com instead of teledacinc.com in our e-mail addresses.

June 18, 2003
 Teledac is now an MPEG-2 licensee in good standing with MPEG-LA, the Moving Picture Expert Group Licensing Authority. Click for more information on MPEG LA

June 4, 2003
 Introducing "Tellimage MP". This new model comes with the MPEG-II option providing MPEG digital video playback.

May 22, 2003
 Improved linking structure to ease product and application selection.

February 24, 2003
 The I-AUDIO option is now available for TELLIMAGE and Image+. I-AUDIO adds digital sound file playback and/or voice-over insertion faded with audio from auxiliary stereo input.
 See also: "TELLIMAGE"

February 10, 2003
 New information page on TELLIMAGE specific to Cable TV,along with new digital photos.

January 14, 2003
 New options for Tellimage, Iristext 4000 and Mark Series
 See: "Tellimage + Iristext 4000 Options" or "Iristext Mark Options"

December 19, 2002
 More information is now available for TELLIMAGE.

December 17, 2002
 New product selection charts.
 See: "Product Selection Charts"

November 6, 2002
 Information updated on Iristext Mark Series.
 See: "Iristext Mark information" or "Iristext Mark information for CATV applications"

September 10, 2002
 Complete information is now available for new Iristext 4000 models.
 See: "Iristext 4000" or "Iristext 4000 for CATV applications"

August 19, 2002
 Many pages have been improved. This to insure a consistent display independently of the visitor's local settings.

June 10, 2002
 TELLIMAGE Specifications are now available
 See: "Tellimage Specifications"

May 27, 2002
 Complete information is now available for new Iristext Mark III and Mark IV.
 See: "Iristext Mark information" or "Iristext Mark information for CATV applications"

April 29, 2002
 2002 to be a record breaking year for the number of products introduced.
 Announcing Tellimage

March 1, 2002
 New IRISTEXT Model for Broadcast News Cable TV display.
 See I-4000-BNT

October 31, 2001 (updated May 16,2002)
 I-Reach is now available in a 5 user license package. I-Reach-5 is advantageous for group users transferring their messages to IRISTEXT over their computer network with I-Relay.

June 14, 2001
 To complete its actual IRISTEXT product line and to develop a new platform using the latest IC technologies in video and multimedia, TELEDAC INC. has to enlarge its research and development team.
  See: Employment Opportunities

April 27, 2001
 Get a free demonstration copy of I-Reach software.
 See "I-Reach"(updated May 16, 2002)

March 13, 2001
 IRISTEXT units are now link able to your Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) by using the new I-RELAY option.
 See "I-Relay"

December 15, 2000
 TELEDAC does it again...The Iristext-Mark line is more economical than ever.
  See: "I-Mark information" or "I-Mark information for CATV applications"

September 19, 2000 At long last... it's ready
 As many were asking for it, TELEDAC is making IRISTEXT display systems accessible to "Windows" users.
  See "I-Reach" (updated January 10, 2002)

August 15, 2000
 Considering the arrival of the new "I-REACH" software, TELEDAC is making price adjustments to the IRISTEXT line so that it will be available to more applications.

May 23, 2000
 Photo+ specifications are updated to reflect all the latest product improvements.
  See Photo+ specs.

May 15, 2000
 Photo+ units now include an Ethernet interface for easy image transfer from your PC. Storage capacity for full frame images is increased from 2150 to 5850 and for smaller images from 23000 to 64000.
  See Photo+ Groups

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