Available conversion levels for IRISTEXT-4000-BN and I-Mark-BN
MAX1 Inter Basic Click on screen for details Main Features (cumulative from Basic to MAX)
    Click to enlarge and get more details about overlaying (or crawling) a message onto a "live" TV program
Typical I-Mk-V application
  MAX: Semi-transparent Crawl Banner video insertion

  - This conversion level includes all features of Inter and Basic
     levels below and:

  - New I-Gnlk (gen lock) overlay module1to insert a crawl banner,
    text messages, or graphic elements over an incoming video

  - Crawl banner can be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque
    and inserted at specific time by month, week or day scheduling

   - (System equivalent to I-Mk-V)
2 2   Click for detailled information on I-Reach software, running under Windows
I-Reach: Create from your PC2
  Inter: I-Reach software running under Windows3

  - This conversion level includes all features of Basic level below

  - I-Reach software to prepare messages off-line and ahead
    of time from your PC.    (System equivalent to I-Mk-IV)

  - Serial Cable to connect the Iristext unit to your PC

  - Remote assistance support for 60 days, optional thereafter
Click for detailled information on I-Mk-II features
Typical I-Mk-II application
   Basic conversion to Iristext-4000-Sr or I-MK-II

  - Create 250-1200 pages by selecting from 60 resident graphics
     and by using unit's keyboard (in-line editing)

  - Complete page display scheduling

  - Crawl banner on opaque color background can be inserted
    or repeated at specific time by month, week or day scheduling

   - For complete features: (System equivalent to I-Mk-II)

  - Toll free telephone support for 1 week, optional thereafter
 ¤  ¤  Premium Refurbishing   - Brand new, higher efficiency Power Supply
  - Complete Video re-calibration
  - 1 year guaranty extension on complete unit

Price starts at $365, $680 and $1610 for Basic, Inter and MAX1 levels (intro special pricing). Conversion cost depends mainly on the actual hardware revision level of each unit. We can trace this level from our data base once the serial number is known. Other repair or parts replacement may be required to validate included guaranty.

For a specific quote, please note the serial number and e-mail it to us  or call toll free at

included in conversion level shown above.
¤ Optional: See also I-Temp, I-G9980, I-Rack options available    for I-Mark and I-4000
1 MAX level available while I-Gnlk module stock quantity lasts
2 Personal computer required for editing, not-included
3 I-Reach is compatible to Windows 95 up to Windows 8.

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